So I went breakdancing!

…or thats what the nurses call it!!!! I am having a week off my ward and down in Clinical Radiology which is pretty interesting. As a student I dont get to do much more alot of watching but as the days go one I am getting to do more as I am starting to understand what is going on more. Lots of catheters and wires and stuff!!! Because it is radiology everything is done under x rays and imaging meaning we have to wear lead aprons. Which after 3 hours get a little bit hot and heavy. They weigh a ton and dont help the breathing much.

To get to the point I fainted or something in the theatre. I kinda felt funny so went to leave the theatre but before I got there I passed out. The nurses were great at the time but they now wind me up about it and ask if I am going break dancing in this operation or anything. It is all in jest and I get on quite well with them. They all seem to have different names for me ranging from my actually name to some ridiculous names.

The good thing about being in radiology is that I can wear scrubs rather than my uniform. They are so much more comfy and cooler I dont boil in them.

I have seen some pretty interesting operations. They have all been arterial things like embolising or inserting lines such as permcaths or putting in stents. The skill the surgeons have is amazing.

I have till friday in clinical radiology then I go back to the ward.

chest wise things havent been terrible but havent been great. I am still not feeling great since being in hospital but I also think the weather and hay fever dont help much. I am going to go see my GP next week sometime to see if I can jiggle my anti histamines around to see if I can get the sneezing a bit better. I am playing golf this week and having tea with my Dad so looking forward to that. I really want to do well in the golf comp at the weekend so I need to somehow get some practice some how. But with this weather it is kind of tricky.

1 thought on “So I went breakdancing!”

  1. Hi Olivia! I’m so glad to see that you’re managing back on your placement 🙂 I very almost fainted in theatre when I did my student stint down there too!! I think it’s very common – the hot, bright lights, being stood around for so long, the lead aprons = not good until you get used to it! It was entertainment for the theatre staff lol.

    I remember you replying to one of my comments and asking where I am a student, I never got around to replying – sorry! I’m actually qualified, I trained and work down in Devon. Although I’m having all sorts of problems with work thanks to these stupid lungs 😦 (but I’ll save the ranting for my blog 😉 )

    I hope you can get on top of the hayfever, and in turn makes you feel better chest wise 🙂

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