Summer Time

I have finished uni for the summer now and as much as I enjoyed it I am glad. I am completely shattered. I guess this is one of the things I will need to learn to juggle more effectively: the asthma and my placements and not letting myself get too tired. It will be hard to learn to do as both are as unpredictable as the other. actually for once I think the asthma is more predictable in that I always know something could always happen whereas on placement things don’t happen and go quiet and then when you least expect it everything happens and there are never enough hands about!!!!

Since coming out of hospital I have been meticulous in recording how I am feeling my, peak flows, how much ventolin I am using and symptoms I am having during the day. I will also be recording all of this while I am on two weeks break before I go abroad and see if there is a big difference to being on placement and not on placement. If there is which I highly suspect I will be able to go to my Dr with the evidence and show him the difference and see if we can do something rather than me jsut ending up in hospital missing two weeks and then play catch up.

I know the aim of the game is to be on as little medication as possible but I am now thinking that while on placement if I can take more medication to sort of tide me through then when I am not on placement I can reduce it all. The nurses on placement suggest I ask my Dr about slow release salbutamol tablets but I am not sure because I am not sure it is something you can just stop and start taking which is kind of what I am looking for so i am not taking loads of inhaled ventolin all day and having neb breaks when others take fag breaks (although the fag breaks for others seem to be much more often than the neb breaks!!!)

I have two weeks or 12 days to be exact until I go away. I am excited and nervous as this is the first time I have been away in the summer since I got ill. I have been away twice otherwise and that was in the winter and it was away to the French Alps where I have never had problems with my chest. The mountain air seems to improve my chest and makes it really pretty good. I have already started getting everything looked out in preparation to go but I know that I will want to wear something I have looked out before and need to wash it!!!!

I have also made a return to the golf course in what perhaps is the biggest competition at the club in the whole year and I decided to play in it with no practice and having not walked a round in two months!!! I did not too bad. Didnt play amazing but then no one did as I managed to qualify into the club championship with my worst round of the season. So tomorrow I have a match play match in the quarter finals and if I win I go to the semi and so on and so forth!!! I am jsut looking forward to playing again but I need to get some good snacks for the course. My banana got squashed so I now have banana over my stuff but was also snackless for the round. I get so hungry and my the twelfth hole my chest starts and I lose energy so need to replace it and have a neb so might take a sandwich tomorrow!!! But today is haricut day as it looks like a mop on my head just now.

My twelve of twelve will follow soon. Just not had time to sit down and upload the photos as it take a while.

1 thought on “Summer Time”

  1. I hope that your diligent logging helps you and your consultant pick up on a pattern so that you can avoid the hospital and come up with another plan!

    Looking forward to your 12 of 12! 😀

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