There must be something in the air

…..oh yeah it all that pollen.

I think there is something bad in the air just now. So many of my lung friends are struggling jsut now and I too am finding it tough going. If I am honest I really have not felt great since coming out of hospital. I am finding I am jsut not bouncing back. Maybe I have over stretch my bounce back elastic and am slowly recoiling and will get back to my usual self soon. I JUST want back there NOW.

This is the first time in ages I have actually had to spend the day in bed because of my asthma. I normally manage to get up and sit on the sofa but today I have had to stay in bed save for getting my meds and a few drinks. I have felt to breathless to stand in the kitchen for long enough to make myself something to eat. I always know when I am not right because my appetite goes and I semi sleep the day away which is what I have done today. Anyone who knows me well knows I eat like a horse and sleep little. Today this horse has not eaten and slept the day away.

I have the consultant tomorrow which I am thankful for otherwise I would go up to hospital tonight. Hopefully he will see me and able to do something without being admitted. Fingers crossed anyway. I am not sure what he is going to say. It has been a rocky few week since my last out patients appt with him. I kind of dream of the time I will go to an appt and say things have been fab and I don’t need to see you again for ages. But I guess the nature of brittle asthma is that is jsut has its own agenda out of everyone’s control.

Even this post has taken it out of me. So I am going and will update after I have seen con tomorrow and see what he suggests to get me feeling back to myself again. also I hope everyone else can get back to feeling better to.

2 thoughts on “There must be something in the air”

  1. I hope your consultant is helpful without having to readmit you, and I hope you feel better soon, Olive ❤

  2. I’ve had a bad day with pollen too!! 😦
    I hope your consultant can do something other than admit you, although if you need to be admitted….. I’m sure you know the spiel 😉
    Take care of yourself
    Dawn x

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