Back to the grind.

So I went back on placement today. I was so glad to be going back but at the same time I was really nervous about how I would cope. I have found since being discharged I am unusually tired and getting much more shortness of breath. I knew I had to go back and did a core shift so I would not be pushing myself to much. I got butterfly’s in my stomach on the way to the hospital today. I don’t know why I was nervous. Maybe because I was unsure how I would be and how others would react to me being away for two weeks, I just didn’t know. It could have been nerves due to the not knowing. Anyway it wasn’t worth the panic. It was all fine. Yes there were questions about how I was and what happened etc but they were just concerned and were making sure I was ok.

There was jokes about the bruises on my arms and the wards phelbotanist had her tourniquet round my arm feeling my veins as she didn’t believe I had so many bruises from bloods and venflons attempts!!!! What is it with them that they all think they can bleed anyone!!!!

I was glad I only did a core shift. By the time I got home I was really struggling. I had to stop and neb in the car on the way home as I was so wheezy. I think I have used a whole inhaler today. Well I exaggerate. It felt like I was using a whole inhaler!!! I did my pf when I got home and it dropped to 210 but luckily after a back to back neb it picked up to 300. I am meant to be tapering down my prednisilone tomorrow but I am not sure I am going to. I am not on placement over the weekend so might do it then and stay on the high dose for another day. it is not ideal but I am kind of of the opinion now that I have been on it at such a high dose for so long that I am not sure it is actually going to do much more damage to me if I stay an extra day. Obviously I want to come off it but at the same time I think now I would rather stay on it and actually be able to breathe and feel semi normal during the days.

I see my consultant on Monday and need to make sure I go through what has happened with him and how I feel about it all. I am very good at not actually telling him the whole story which really doesn’t help matters but I hate going to hospital appointments and just want them over and done with.

So the things I need to ask him about are:

  • getting a DEXA scan- the pharmacist when I was in said I really need another one as it has been a while
  • the theophylline tablets and see what he thinks of them
  • the pain I have been getting in my chest recently- i feel like my chest is always bruised and it sometimes extends into my shoulders and arms.
  • why my attacks seem to take so long to come under control as i cant afford this much time off for every attack
  • my weight and what I can do to keep it up without eating enough for a small army at each meal!!!

that’s it all I think. I am back on placement tomorrow then have the weekend off. I really want to play some golf so i hope the weather is good and I hope the lungs are co-operative so I can go and play. If not I will be grumpy!!!!

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