So since coming out of hospital I have not really felt myself. I am putting this down to a combination of general unwellness and also the new meds and weight loss (i keep losing weight despite eating loads etc. I am going to speak to the Dr about hvaing drinks again as it costs me a fortune in food and I think I am now eating an excessive amount and still dont have energy and my body jsut burns it up). I will post later today and write down everythign I have eaten and see if anyone has any suggestions on how to change my diet or make it more effective as I think it is a pretty balanced diet and full of stuff that should be good for me and give me energy etc!!! 

Alot of people know theophylline. I used to take it but was told to stop taking it because it made my ehart go funny and also was on subcut bricanyl at that made me jumpy enough without the added extra of theophylline. After a fair bit of head scratchign the Drs at the hospital put me back on theophylline to see how I manage on it and see if it helps. I think it is kinda of helping and breaking the back on the terrible trouble I have at nights with my chest. But there is a bit of a big BUT. It is making me feel very sick and be very tachy like no ones business. My resting HR last night was 137 and this was lying in bed reading and when I move about it shoots up higher. It is kinda a balance do I keep taking it and have the side effects but a better chest or do I stop taking it and let the side effects go and my chest get worse!!! I think I am going to stick it out and see if it is jsut an initial reaction to the tablets and the effects will go as my body gets used to them.

The other thing with these tabelts is that I need to have blood tests frequently on them for the first while to make sure the levels are within a certain range to make sure I am on the right dose. So this monring I went and had one of the many blood tests I will need. I got some funny looks as I sat in the waiting room in my t shirt with gloves on. I thought that by keeping my hands warm would mean my veins would be dilated and blood easy to get. But no…the nurse wnated to go for the elbow…because most people ahve big veins there- (they dont when they have been stabbed to bits by cannulas!!!) so she tried and failed so off to the back of my hands as I had suggested in the first place. Why people dont listen I dont know. I feel like saying to them trust me I know more about my veins than anyone and I know which ones will bleed and which ones wont!!!! Its not a guessing game and we will have a go and see what works.

Rant over. I am having a nice relaxing day making flap jack and going to cook myself something nice for dinner and have an early night as I return to placement tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Theophylline”

  1. In regards to the increased calorie thing, I was actually reading CFFatboy last night and he wrote about some tips to sneak extra calories in. I’m not sure if the suggestions will work for you, but it’s worth checking out 🙂

    As for the rest, I hope you readjust to the theophylline soon and the rest of your blood draws go better, blah. AND, I hope you spend lots of time out of hospital.

    Feel better, here’s hoping for a smooth recovery ❤

    1. hey kerri, thanks for the blog link. I will look into it. anything to keep those calories up and making sure they are good calories as i dont think eating lots of milky ways is the way forward!!!! thanks for your support. x

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