Blogger Uncovered

I jsut did my Blogger Uncovered questions and it really made me think abotu why I started writing my blog and how much has changed since starting it. A few things have changed. My first blog was over a year ago and I think I started writing it because I felt I had been given my life back and was back at uni and back playing sport etc. But I have come almost full circle in a way. I do feel I have my life back and my journey to getting my life back can be seen in my blog as it goes through times of not being able to do much and being faced with having to leave my life I loved down south and giving up the things I loved because of my asthma.
but having said that and all the hard decisions I had to make. If i didnt make them I would be loving the life I now have and the friends I have now and doing a course at uni which I love (and a course which I never in a million years thought I would be doing) but I love my life now (apart from the asthma bit but even that has its plus points as I have met great people and have great friends though asthma forums).
I was nice to reflect back on how things have changed and where I am now and where I wnat to be going.

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