something is not right

Something is not right and I am not happy bout it. although I have been struggling with my chest recently I have been coping ok despite not sleeping etc.

I was feeling fine on shift all day and even in the car on the way home. Once i got home i started to feel very tight chested and had a productive cough. I took my peak flow and had a neb. My peakflow was not brilliant but a neb helped. I jsut got on with things and decided a warm bath might help relax me and would be good for my chest as it was achy aswell. After I got out the bath I was really struggling to get my breath and once again did my peak flow and it was 190. I had two more nebs and it picked up pretty quick but I still feel a bit off and I have another shift tomorrow.

I am just worried that maybe working with old people who are also sick has left me more susceptible to infection and bugs and I am picking them up as i am working more and wearing myself out more? I love nursing and wont give it up. I jsut hope I dont wear myself out and start missing stuff coz my chest has got bad. That would be awful for me.

Will jsut see how it goes and make sure my chest jsut settles down. Such a hassel. I am going to ahve to make sure i neb regularly tomorrow on shift which I have been becoming a bit lax at doing.

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