Thing this is the longest time I have not blogged for when I have not been in hospital. I went away for Christmas and New Year although it was a rather rushed get away. The weather in Edinburgh turned very bad very quickly and we had loads of snow. I have never seen so much snow in the city before. I was due to travel up north to my mum’s cottage the day after everyone else as I wanted to see my grandparents and was meant to be having lunch with my Dad and step mum. I was gutted I had to cancel it but it was safer to travel up with everyone else rather than on my own as we had to go up some back roads and they can be a bit dodgy. Dad understood that I had to go early and he was glad I would get there safe and not risk the drive on my own. It seems whenever we get snow the whole city and anywhere south of Perth grinds to a halt. Once we were past Perth although the weather was really bad the drive was a lot easier as in the highlands they seem to cope with bad weather better and the roads are prepared properly.
The weather was awesome when we got there and I saw some lovely views. As you can see from the pictures it was beautiful. This was the first Christmas in a long time I am not seeing my Dad or that side of the family but it is also the first Christmas that all the kids bar my eldest sister was there as she has her baby to look after now. So there were five kids and my mum and step dad. It was hard work as I had to help her a lot and all my brothers’ just sat doing nothing.
I seem to have spent the whole of Christmas time cooking or setting tables or washing up. I did enjoy Christmas as we played games and stuff which was good and we went on walks. I was kind of glad when three of my brothers left and it was just my youngest brother and my mum and step dad left. It meant I could relax a bit.
My Aunt and Uncle came up for a few days and it was awesome to see them again. I love the to bits and my aunt is so nice and I get one really well with her. We also had some family friends come up for New Year. It was quite fun for Hogmanay. My brother played the bagpipes to welcome in new year. He timed it so he would end highland cathedral as the bells went. However soon after this he got horrendously drunk. But we had a group of people first footing us and they had heard the bagpipes playing as it is a small village people just tend to pop in. Our neighbour came in and we didn’t realise till we saw him in the fridge getting a drink. But this group of first footers wanted my brother to play again. He played some tunes for people to dance strip the willow to. I am surprised he managed it. It was really good though. It was a late night but mainly fun.
I came home on the 2nd as I needed to get myself back together and ready for starting back at uni. I have my placement for next trimester. I am at my old Drs surgery. It should be good. I need to do so much before it though. I need to hem my trousers and wash my uniforms to make them less starchy.

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