Well I had a bit of an eventful time getting my H1N1 vaccine. I had the vaccine but as soon as I had to I got an allergic reaction to it. It was not pleasant. The Dr gave me a neb in the surgery and called for an ambulance so off I went to hospital. The Dr was asking all sorts of questions. She thought I was anxious because of the injection but in-between gasping for breathe I told her I used to inject myself and did not have an issue with needles.

Anyway i got the the Western my cons hosp and was admitted to their new acute receiving unit which has just been refurbished. It was all very posh. I think i caused concern for the Dr i saw as she kept coming and checking on me. #she told me to let her know if i felt unwell at all but I didnt feel great anyway and was so tired that I just wanted to be left alone but then the buzzers and the machines would go off and she was through in a flash wanting another ABG. She did get nervous doing them. I was the first person she could not get one on first time. She ended up getting one from my groin but she felt so bad. She didn’t understand that I was so patient with her doing it. I was so tried to fight her by that point. But luckily this time I picked up really quickly after having all the IV’s. I went up to ward pretty quick and settled down with the nurses I know etc. My con was away in Korea giving a lecture. It flew back on tuesday night and came in too see me today and let me go home as he knew I would prefer it.

I got a bit annoyed by comments that one of the ladies in the bay made. she said ti so loud that everyone in the bay could hear and the nurses. She was commenting that when I came up I was not as ill as her and didn’t like it that I had Dr s coming in and out and nurses dropping by and saying hello and chatting to me. She thought I didn’t need the Dr or anything as I was able to get up myself and go to the toilet. For me this was quite a mild episode but she didn’t know that. She had no idea of the circumstances. She also commented that why i got to see the professor and she didn’t that she only saw a house officer. I dont normally get annoyed by these things but this time it did. I was so glad to get home and just relax. i feel better but just very washed out.

I have a very sore arm from the swine flu vaccine itself and feel a bit yuck. But I think this is to be expected. I am going to have an early night as I have uni tomorrow.

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