3Mg Trial

When I was in hospital last time I took part in the 3Mg trial. I am not sure why i agreed to do it but I do remember when I was wheeled into resus being told to do a peak flow which i did but I really hate doing them especially when I am having an attack. They needed a peak flow reading to see if I was suitable for this magnesium trial they are doing. Your peak flow has to be above 30%. Mine was at the time but it soon dropped. However they went ahead with the trial anyway.
The trial consisted off having an IV and some nebs. I would either have IV magnesium over 20 minutes or I would have 3 magnesium nebs. But it was a blind trial. I could also have none of them and jsut have saline in both. Well it was meant to be blind but the thing is I knew exactly what I was having. The Iv I was having didnt burn at all. Normally IV mag burns and ruins my veins I am lucky if I get a bag of mag run over 20 mins through one cannula. It normally causes them to blow and I need a new one put in. But the bag that was put up didnt hurt at all. So I am pretty sure it was saline. But the nebs on the other hand were horrible. It was very hard to tolerate. They burned my mouth and my nose as I tried to breathe in. It was a not a good experoence and I am pretty sure it was mag nebs as it definatly was not saline.
I managed to have 2 nebs before we had to stop as i was detrioting and the drs needed to know what they were giving me and not go with a trial. it was an interesting expertience though.
The point of the trial is to try and determine how magnesium helps people during an asthma attack. for me I personally dont find it helps that much as I always need more IV’s after I ahve had magnesium. It is not known how it helps in an asthma attack and for me perosnally I dont think it does much but a consulatant I saw said he had a patient who finds it works wonders. i would like to meet this patient as it really doesnt do much for me other than cause me pain and more cannulas.

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