Why I continue to write my blog

Over the past few weeks I have struggled to get motivation to write here in my blog but today I received a message which reminded me just how important it is for me to write my blog.

I started by writing my blog because I am not good at talking about how I feel or what is really going on with my life. Anyone that knows me knows I will always say things are “fine” no matter how good or how bad life is but here I felt free to write exactly what I felt and thought. No one could tell me what I wrote was right or wrong. It is how I felt and how I feel. When typing no one is judging me, no one is interrupting me, no one is feeling sorry for me or tilting their head to the side when I recant a horrific hospital admission all of which I hate. I just need to get stuff off my chest and hear is a place where there is no judgement nothing.

Initially this blog was for me but over the years it has become apparent that by me sharing my story of living with severe asthma I am helping others either by providing help to them with their struggle of living with severe asthma or by showing them that they are not alone and this is what the message I received today was about.

Screenshot 2020-08-21 at 20.08.37

To receive this message (which has been anonymised) is so heart warming to know that my writing and my experiences are helping others. Making others feel less alone. I do hate that others are going through the same daily struggle that I do but sharing my story at least is helping some know they are not alone and there are others like them. In society now a days we all want to fit in and no one likes being an outcast. Often with severe asthma you feel like an outcast because the world is going on around without. You are just watching the world from your little bubble.

It is hard as a young person to see people get on with their life as yours is at a standstill or going backwards as you begin to require more and more help just like you did as a child. Friends come and go, work comes and goes, people forget who you are and what you did. To them you become your condition.

But the few who know exactly what life is like, much like the friend who sent me this message knows you for you. They don’t see you for the condition that dictates your life. They know the things you love and dream of doing again because they too dream of a life they once had.

Please don’t forget about people who were once in your life. These people will be left feeling alone but don’t have the energy to function how you can. All their energy is used to just breath, take pills, do treatments to just keep themselves well enough to stay out of hospital and get through the day.

This message today made me realise that extra energy I use to write my blog is worth it. I will keep writing my blog not just for me but for the others with severe asthma who feel so alone during their battle with this horrible misunderstood disease.

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