Writing: planned vs spontaneous

This is a draft of a blog post that I started a wee while ago and never posted it. I thought I would post it now. When writing blog posts I have a few different types, I have the updates particularly if I have been to an out patient appointment or something. Then I have my planned posts which are more thought out, proof read and contain more factual information and lastly I have my spontaneous posts where I just feel like writing. These are normally posts that come from a frustrating situation or if something has happened etc.

It has been quite a while since I last wrote spontaneously. To tell the truth I have been finding everything fairly tough both mentally and physically that the thought of sitting down to write has filled me with dread as that means thinking and verbalising what has been going on and I just cant. Although during this time I have had lots of ideas about blog posts to write and have a list of topic ideas, and even have opening sentences for them all in my head but trying to actually put pen to paper so to speak is just too much. The blog post topics that I have noted down are:

  • life after ICU
  • friendship with chronic illness
  • why is health advocacy so important
  • the unseen side of severe asthma
  • value of learning from people who don’t have your condition but have something else
  • staying active when your body does not want to cooperate
  • what I wish I could say to my drs and medical team (perhaps broken up into different blog posts- a letter to my consultant, a letter to my GP, a letter to my asthma nurse etc)
  • addressing the work life balance
  • the benefit system and navigating it

I hope in the next few weeks to feel a bit brighter and can start writing again freely as I do miss just getting an idea and sitting down to write.

I have also been at quite a few events recently which I have not written about and must write them up as well. Lots to be getting on with just now!

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