So long 2018, Hello 2019!!

I started writing a round up of 2018 but gave up. 2018 was a mix of highs, lows and life changing experiences. I can split the year into 4 main themes: work, asthma, lacrosse and research.


Work: I am really thankful I am still able to work. Albeit not as I would like but with my asthma and being in hospital I know how fortunate I am to have really understanding bosses who have made so many allowances and adjustments to my job to accommodate my tricky lungs. I love what I do and just wish my body would let me do more so I can do more for my patients. This might be the year, who knows what 2019 will bring!!

Asthma: 2018 was a rough year but 2019 has already been better as I did not see the new year in while in critical care!!! After a total change in medical and nursing team I feel confident in them and the relationship I have with them is really good. I have renewed confidence in my care, asthma and management. So here is to a great year!!!

Lacrosse: 2018 was busy with the senior Scotland team and they produced some of the best results they have off the back of a great World Cup in 2017. This year is the European Champs so I am sure the team will have another awesome tournament. I have been working with the U19 Scotland team too doing some goalkeeping stuff and helping them out which I love. If Scotland was not enough I started coaching at Edinburgh University now too. It is the first team I have been a coach for. It is the 3rd Team and they are an awesome bunch and have been doing really well so I hope they have a great 2nd half to the season too!

Research: It has been going from strength to strength. The more involvement I do the more I love it. What I have noticed over the year is the opportunities I have are more varied. It is not only reviewing things now but speaking about patient involvement, talking at national and international conferences, doing lectures and advising. I still can’t get over that an awareness video for world asthma day led to an invite to the Scottish Parliament for the launch of the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research and then meeting those involved to then be invited to be part of AUKCAR.

2019 is going to be a great year, a year to focus on achieving the best health I can and enjoy life again. There will be hiccups, there will be hospital admissions but rather than feeling defeated by this I will accept them as part of my life and ongoing management!


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