The cost of 4 hours fun

Last night I was able to do something I have not been able to do in a long time. I went to my work Christmas night out. I had a fantastic time and really glad I made the effort to go.


For a work Christmas night out most will be planning on what they are wearing, where to go for pre drinks and maybe have food in for the day after when you are hungover, but for me it was far from this there was a lot more planning and making sure everything was ok so I would be able to last the time and not have too many ill effects.

The preparation started middle of the week before by not dropping my prednisilone dose down. I have been trying to wean it down but I decided that to enjoy the night I would need to keep my steroids up which is not ideal but sometimes we just need to take more meds to give yourself a boost and enjoy yourself. After work on Friday it was time to down tools, have a nice bath, early night and rest. This was the theme for Saturday too as I knew to be able to have fun I need to conserve my puff, and energy and limit what I was going to do during the day. It is a choice between rest and have fun or no rest and no night out.

The rest sure was worth it and all the preparation. It was a personal triumph because for once all the planning and running through scenarios that might happen meant I was ok and managed everything ok. I did perhaps over do it on the dancing but I do love a ceilidh but thanks to modern technology I was alerted by my watch when my heart rate was way way too high and I needed to stop. I had given myself till about 11pm to be out till and am pleased that managed till 1030pm  before I decided to quit and go home. It wold have been so easy to think sod it an stay on longer but I made the right choice to go when I did as I don’t want to risk anything too much and really pay as a result of it.

Today has been a flop. My body is aching, my chest hurts, i feel short of puff and just a bit  rubbish, but at least I am feeling rubbish because I did something and pushed myself rather than feeling rubbish and not having a reason for it. One thing that really bugged me and it bugs me a lot but more so when it involves people who I know is those that decide to smoke and because its cold outside they smoke right at the door so when you open the door you get hit with a plume of smoke rather than fresh air. I guess when you smoke you don’t think about the air quality but when you have lungs that are twitchy and you have done all you can to ensure you are safe and avoiding triggers but still cant avoid them.  I find it really selfish because it is putting others at risk and effecting others along with yourself and those others have not asked to breathe in air packed with nicotine, tar and tabacco. I know some will think I am being unfair and its coz there was drink involved but Im pretty sure if I was to do something similar where it had a negative effect on them, there would be questions about it and a fuss would be made. Alcohol always seems to be an excuse and people don’t know what they are doing when they are drunk. But if you don’t know what you do when your drunk you shouldn’t be drinking.

Thankfully because I had my trusty portable nebuliser in my jacket pocket, inhaler in my trouser pocket and my buff to keep my neck, mouth and nose warm I was able to self treat and get myself home in  a reasonable state. It scares me to think that if I had not made sure I have all this stuff with me I would no doubt end up in hospital at the hands of other people. I may sound grumpy and you may think why did I bother going but I am glad I went and was all good while I was inside it was just when it was time to go home that things were not as great.

So Sunday (today) was a day in bed, resting and recovering ready to face the next week ahead with minimal ill effects. A Sunday roast with my mum and step dad set me up for a quite evening before back to work tomorrow.

I am really pleased with how I managed everything in the lead up to the night out and then knowing the right time to go home rather than pushing on because I was having a good time. It has taught me that yes the planning and pacing is worth it and it does work but also that its ok for my body to need extra time to rest up for something but also rest after the event. We all have different reasons for things and just because I need to plan things in more depth doesn’t mean I cant do them and doesn’t mean I should avoid them. I am glad it was a good experience as I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t cope, or that I would get carried away and push my limits therefore ruining the evening for others who would need to help me because of my inability to look after myself.

For pacing I have found the website My lungs my life really helpful with tips on pacing, planning and how to manage your condition while juggling all other aspects of life.

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