Just didnt feel like writing

I know in my last post which was on World Asthma Day I had written about plans I had for the month with different blog posts but it didnt work out. I needed some me time I also felt a bit out of it for the last week or so due to an abscess in my jaw and with antibiotics not working I needed the tooth taken out. Thankfully its all settling down now!!

Today was my first day back at work too. It was weird as I havent been in work since February its only for 2 hours but just being able to be back at work and have some structure to my day again as well as being well enough to be back at work. Its going to be a really slow phased return but its better than nothing and I will be back to normal soon- I hope. I just need to remember that this was a bad one and it took a while to recover so will take a while to get back to how I was at work before I got ill this time.

I am still not totally feeling great and having a lot of problems with side effects from certain drugs and making sure blood levels are correct but they will settle. I just feel like I am adding more and more tablets into my daily regime for side effects of tablets rather than for stuff to actually make my chest better. But if doing this means I feel better to be in work then I can’t complain. Trying to do anything while feeling sick, chronic heartburn and joints aching is not fun so taking that away is a big help.

But I’m back to work and thats the main thing. The start of what I hope is a period of good health.

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