Dealing with stressful times when asthma just doesn’t play ball.

Recently I have found work to be very busy and it becomes increasingly hard to finish on time and get everything done that I need to. We are short staffed but come next month we will have a new member of staff.

I find I can normally deal with stress not too badly. But recently with my chest not doing so great and struggling to sleep at night as a result I just want to put my head down and get on with things and get left too it. Working in the caring profession this is hard and as nurses and carers we all want to help each other not just our patients. I find myself wrongly snapping at colleagues when they are only trying to help thinking they are doing me a favour when in actual fact I just want to put my head down get on with what I am doing and forget about the things that are limiting me. It is not the easiest thing to ask for help and if I need it I will ask but I find by not doing things myself I feel like once again my chest is winning and I am not as strong as I once was.

This does sound stupid now looking back on it but this was a very real feeling the other day. I felt that by accepting the help it was acknowledging that I am weaker but in actual fact my colleague would have offered the help to anyone I work with but at that time what I call my asthma brain was in motion and going into over ride.

I am also struggling to keep everything under control because my hay fever is mega bad just now. I saw my GP and we think it could be because this is my first time down at a very low dose of my oral steroids compared to the high doses last summer. I am going to email my team as I really find it hard and I don’t want to miss work again for something so trivial.

I think I must be one of the few people who longs for the winter to come back as the pollen goes away as does the hot humid weather!! Bring me cold any day!!!

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