Clinic is coming…

I’m oddly apprehensive about going to clinic this week. I think it is because of how things have been so far this year. Its been a really odd period of time since I last saw my consultant in clinic. I do have the luxury that I don’t need to go to clinic that often as I can email consultant or speak to the asthma nurses if I have any problems. Sometimes I do wish I could go to clinic more often. Not to see consultant but to do lung function to see where I am at. Sometimes I never know if I am feeling good because of all the medication I am taking or if I am actually doing well. I find FeNo a really good marker for me to know how good things are. One day there will be a FeNo machine you can have at home but till the I just need to be content with peak flow.

Im still trying to come to terms with what happened in January and where I am now so that is one thing I want to chat about. I have this fear that it may all happen again and what if it does. It seems almost irrational to be having such difficulty in coping with what happened when I have been in worse situations than that. I also want to chat about a better plan when I do have an attack as I am still not managing them well despite my best efforts. I also want to see if there is a different nasal spray I can use as since having the high flow nasal cannula my nose has been really bad and irritated meaning post nasal drip is worse and so on.

I am determined this time in clinic though I am not going to ask about increasing my hours at work as know I will be told no, and in all honesty as much as I would love to be back working full time hours I am not sure how I would manage. I also always ask about when I can start doing some exercise again but I need to not ask and one day I will get a surprise and be told I can get back doing cardio!!!

So wednesday is the day. Im not sure if anything will change but hopefully there will be something to make a bit of a difference.

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