When your friends don’t even understand.

I must say recently things have been going pretty well. My asthma has been relatively stable. I have found that it is now more stable but stable at a lower level. My peak flow sits regularly at 320 compared with before where it would spike up to 550 but then be as low as 200ish when not having an exacerbation. I do prefer that it is not up and down all over the place as it is now much more predictable than it was before when I wouldn’t know what was going on with it.

There are still aspects of life that I find incredibly difficult and it is one my family or some of my family are getting better with but some of my friends just don’t get it.

It  is frustrating when you make plans to do something but because of one person your time out is cut short and you have to go home.

It may sound selfish and pinickity but for people with breathing problems it is a matter of being able to breath and not being able to breath, or essentially between life and death.

Yesterday I had one of these situations when a so called friend went outside for a cigarette and then came back in stinking of smoke. When I commented I was told he didnt see what the problem was as he went outside to smoke and didnt do it near me. What he didnt get and so many don’t get is that just coz your outside you still bring the smoke in on your clothes which can effect and asthmatic. And it did effect me. I bluffed it and left early but I resent having to go early because of what someone else has done to me. That persons selfish act and with absolutely no thought to those around ruined my night. I was already having a bit of allergic reaction to something so could use the as an excuse to leave early as fed upon having to leave places because of my asthma and difficulty breathing. I just wish that one day someone might just stop and think who is around them before they light up or who they will be near after they have smoked.

It just gets to me every time.

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