Weight Gain but not your fault.

One of the big issues I found I faced since my asthma became very uncontrolled and needing more potent medications is weight gain.

I do struggle with the concept that the prednisilone I need to control my asthma is in turn destroying my body.

I recently watched the documentary by Katie Hopkins where she basically went out to prove that the more you eat and less you move the more weight you gain. Which as controversial it is I agree with her to a point. Up until recently I have been very slim and don’t need to do much to keep my figure. I would eat healthy and exercise regularly. The result is my figure stayed slim and weight stayed down.

I now have to readdress my views. Due to uncontrolled asthma my ability to exercise has decreased a huge amount plus the side effects of prednisilone which cause you to feel intense hunger aka the pred munchies I have put on weight.

I stood on the scales and am now at the heaviest I have ever been. My normal weight or the weight I have been most of my adult life is 9st 9. This gives me a BMI of 19. I knew I had put on weight. My waist has not grown a huge amount. My belt loop is still the same but I have noticed a big change in my legs. My thighs now have no definition of muscle and my trousers all feel tight on my legs. So when I stood on the scales I was not shocked to have gained weight but the amount of weight I was shocked at. I am now 11st 8lbs which has almost disgusted me. I am not huge but for someone who has always been slim and been able to eat what I wanted this gain is a big shock.

Although Katie Hopkins targeted those who were fat and that the less they put in and the more they moved the less they would weigh. But with a long term condition which requires steroid treatment it going to be difficult to keep a low weight. You don’t need to necessarily eat more but because you are not able to do the aerobic activity to burn off the extra calories they are going to be converted and stored as fat in your body.

I desperately want to get my weight back down to near my normal. Racking my brain to work out how I can achieve this I am first going to try and increase the number of steps I do in a day to just make a little bit of a change. Once I get this done and my asthma remains stable perhaps I can do a wee bit more exercise.

I certainly do not want t become someone who is obese and have weight that stops me from exercising or living my life. Asthma does that enough on its own without adding in anymore complications.

Fingers crossed I can reduce pound by pound and perhaps get my weight back down and my legs a bit slimmer again!

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