Not just me

Over the past 4 years that I have kept this blog it has all been about me and my experience and what I feel like and why I do what I do so essentially all about ME!!!

It is the point of a blog I guess to write about your thoughts, emotions, actions and what happens in your life and part of that life is having asthma. Essentially everything involving my life is in someway effected by me having asthma. Down to the totally insignificant things which you might not expect they too are often determined by me having asthma. What time I get up in the morning, to when I go to bed, to what I eat, drink, wear, how my hair is! All these things which might seem every day are all effected by asthma which it shouldn’t be.

I have to get up at a certain time to make sure I can do all my medication and get ready for work without being late, what I eat and drink are determined by how symptomatic I feel- the more breathless the ease the food needs to be to eat but also its needs to have a lower value of salicylic acid in it, depending on how wheezy I am determines if I use products in my hair (having shorter incidentally is easier and doesn’t involve trying to dry it which can cause problems with sore chest muscles etc). You wouldn’t think such insignificant things in a day to day life can be impacted so much.

But what I want to highlight is that its not just me. Its 5.4 million others in the UK that have their life impacted by asthma in some way or another. 250000 of that 5.4 million are lie me and find them self treatment resistant no matter how hard you try. Its important to remember though that just because I listed before some of the insignificant things which are effected by my asthma no matter how well controlled a persons asthma is their life is effected.

Asthmatics or to be politically correct people who suffer from asthma (I hate that having to be PC!!) are all effected. As much as we want a life where asthma plays no role, it always will and it always should. I don’t mean that asthma needs to play a negative role but by just having to carry an inhaler around with you all the time is something that not everyone has to do. But as an asthma sufferer it is so important to make sure there is always an inhaler handy no matter how severe or mild your asthma is.

Having an inhaler does not have to be a burden it fits in a pocket or handbag and no one needs to know but just to have that awareness that you are ready should asthma rear its ugly head will hopefully mean that people suffer less asthma attacks, therefore less hospital admissions and ultimately less death will be as a consequence of asthma.

To highlight how asthma can effect anyone, any age, any where I have been in contact with a number of fellow asthmatics, friends etc to find out their views on having asthma or how their life is impacted by asthma and what they do about it. I want to show that it is not just the person suffering with asthma who can be effected but I also want to show that there are ways we can all make change not just by fundraising and completing events for Asthma UK or other charities but by reviewing policies and procedures, mentoring, volunteering or even sharing your story.

Over the next few months there will be a number of people guest blogging who have either directly or indirectly had experience with asthma.

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