Yes more golf. I may be a golf bore but for me golf is my outlet. I can play golf and get away from everything. It is something I can do no matter how bad I am feeling (within reason), how stressed or relaxed, it doesn’t matter. I can be alone with my own thoughts or play with friends or in compitions and meet new people. The options are endless but one of my favourite things is playing with 2 of probably the 4 most important people in my life.

For my christmas I was given a round of golf at Kingsbarns up near St Andrews yb my step mum. As both her and my Dad play golf too we all go up and enjoy the round. Today we went and played. Unfortunatly the weather turned on us at the 13th and we had to abdonned the game but we are able to go back and have another round. We decided to play off the ladies championship tees which was great fun and a real challenge. It made the course 6500 yards which is pretty long for a ladies tee.

I am playing pretty good golf just now for me and my consistency is so much better and I feel really settled with my golf and therefore enjoying it so much!!! Having something to enjoy so much is very special and helped when things look a bit crap.

I took a number of photos today as well to remember the day and have various souvenirs like a bag tag with my name on it etc.

The one draw back I ave found with playing so much golf is that I am getting a lot of pain and more pain than I have on a day to day basis which is not great and requiring more pain killers but I have taken the view that if it is making me happy I am going to continue playing as much as I can while the weather is good because come the winter I won’t be able to play much at all due to the bad weather and my chest!

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