Stress and Asthma

Being stressed can make asthma worse. This is something I used to deny a lot and never thought that stress was making my asthma control worse. Over time however and accepting my condition I realised that stress is a big factor. Not the only factor but it does impact control and how you feel. I think when you are stressed the weakest part of you flares up- for me that is my asthma.

I had a pretty rocky end to last week and have noticed this a lot because this weekend I have done nothing. I have swapped between my bed and my sofa and thats it. I went and got a little bit of shopping on saturday morning and that was enough to wipe me out.

today I didn’t even get out of bed till 2pm. I have managed to write down everything that has caused upset and will try and put it behind me but I am not looking forward to next week. Hopefully though by not doing anything this weekend I will get through the week without too much bother. I have to because I have the reps nurse on wed and then playing Kingsbarns (a fantastic golf course) on Friday.

I think acknowledging the stress is a big factor in overcoming it and dealing with it. i am pretty disappointed that the weekend turned out as it has but at least I didn’t have too much planned because the golf I was meant to play was cancelled due to the weather.

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