The Rennaisance

Continuing on my good spell today I had an awesome experience playing a very exclusive golf course. I am lucky and have played at The Rennaisance Club a huber of times but it is a club I would never be able to join because to become a member you need to buy a £75,000 bond. (no i did not miss type the zeros). It is very expensive and not a course you can pay and play either unlike some of the other fancy courses. Today I played with my dad and step mum and the touring pro who plays out of the club. It was fantastic and I felt very special when going into the locker room and having my own locker..(although my ams is spelt wrong!!)


The practice range also had ProV1 golf balls which cost a fortune. I jokingly said to my dad that I probably should not pinch any of them!!!! But we had a wee stack each to warm up with.


The golf was hard work as the wind was blowing a total gail but it was warm enough. Doing things like this make everything so much more worthwhile and when I am feeling crap with my chest I can look back at events like this and think how good it was and aim to get back there. It has really lifted my spirits. The 2 weeks have been really great and just what I need as well. I have the mixed competition at my golf club at the weekend which I am playing with my step dad so hopefully we do well.


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