My Granny

Last week my granny was taken into hospital. We are now in a position that she is for end of life care and will not be returning home.Today she was started on a syringe driver to keep her comfortable.

She has a bad chest and an infection caused her asthma to play up and then go into heart failure. We lost my grandpa 2 years ago and this brought me much closer to my granny.  would speak to her every week and see her every other week. We would go out for lunch and a wander round the shops together. We had our moments where we argued but all families argue but ultimately we are all there for each other when times are tough. 

My family have all been in each day to see granny. It is hard to watch her failing before our eyes but we know she is not in any pain and she  has had a wonderful life. She is 87 year old so as she says “she’s had a good innings”. But it is still hard to see someone you love slip away in front of you.

i am finding it particularly hard to deal with as I watch her struggle to breathe as I know exactly how hard it is when you can’t get your breathe and your heart is pumping so hard it is exhausting. Part of this frighten me knowing this is only going to get worse for her. At least for me I know it is going to get better but as a family we support my Dads decision not to treat my granny as it is not what she wants so her breathing will only get worse until it eventually ceases. 

I love my granny and just want her to be at peace.

1 thought on “My Granny”

  1. So sorry to read about your granny. I hope they are able to keep her comfortable. I was very close to my nan, so I know how hard this is for you. Thinking of you and your family.

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