Tomorrow I have an appointment with the cardiologist. I am a bit nervous about this but also wondering what the point of going is. The respiratory nurses have already told me the result of the tests which I had done. They said that the problem with my heart and it racing all the time is due to the amount of medication I am taking for my asthma. My respiratory team are not prepared to decrease these medications as I am still struggling to live a decent life and not be symptomatic. 

I feel exhausted all the time with my heart racing. It early drops below 100 and more often than not it is sitting at 120 when I am resting. It is exhausting. I want to decrease y asthma medication as I feel they really are not doing much. I am still struggling but I would hate to think how bad I would be if I stopped taking them altogether so I guess it is good I am on them even if I think they are not doing much.

I will see what tomorrow brings. Probably more tablets no doubt!!! Woohoo.

One thought on “Cardiology

  1. Dave

    Hope all goes ok at cardiologist tomorrow. Take care and hope you’ll be there to cheer us on as we do battle with the yanks Thursday. x

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