Ill of a different kind

Although just now I constantly feel slightly under the weather as I just quite can’t get control of my asthma to the point where I am not needing my reliever inhaler several time throughout the day. The past few days  had a strange situation and one which I wish to need go through again. It also highlighted than other chest complaints I am actually really well. If I didn’t have anything wrong with my chest the past 2 days would be my first sick days in years. Probably since I got my appendix out when I was 18 otherwise I have only been off with asthma- I say only, I have been off a hell of a lot but each time has been needed as I have been in hospital and not just milling about at home.

However this time I got food poisoning either from a fried egg roll I had or a pulled pork sandwich- my deit was not the healthiest that day. I am leaning more to the pulled pork which did it because a few hours after eating it I was sick and not very well. I spent the entire night up and down and by morning felt out of it. My mum came round with stuff but I felt so ill I didn’t want to move. I was freezing despite it being boiling hot and I felt confused. I can’t quite put down why I felt confused but i felt like I wasn’t me. It was very strange. 

I can kind of cope with being ill with my asthma I know what to expect ad the general course it will take. Once getting treatment I feel much better but this was a wait it out kind of thing and I was not a good patient. I just stayed in bed all day and had to force myself to erin this horrible rehydration drink. The main issue I had and have never thought about it before is what to do with tablets?

As you all know I am on long term steroids which you can’t just stop taking. I also take two tablets which are modified released and have to be taken at 12 hr intervals to keep you blood serum level within therapeutic range. I missed five of these tablets and 3 lots of steroids i the end. I called my GP who I have to say was fantastic. She needed up coming out to see me and going me injections to stop me being sick and some steroids. My complaint now is that because they wee deep IM injections my ass is really sore!!! But I shouldn’t complain as I didn’t ask for her to come out she was in the area and I had spoken to her on the phone. she decided I didn’t sound well and could do with a home visit. First time I have ever had one and felt a muppet for not getting dressed or brushing my hair but in the end I just didn’t have the energy. I was so grateful for those injections though. Another lot of them from OOH later on and I flt so much better that was able to eat some toast and take my tablets very slowly the next day.

It never even dawned on me to ask the Drs before what I should do if I couldn’t take  my steroids. i will be asking at my next clinic appointment which I think is ith the respiratory nurses. In actual fact I think over the next few months I am quite busy with clinic appointments of various kinds between, reap, reap nurses and cardiology!!!

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