Cross Party Group Meeting at the Scottish Parliament

After everything that happened last week for World Asthma Day, it resulted on being invited to attend the cross party group meeting for Asthma with Asthma UK. The meeting was a special meeting because it was also the launch of the Centre of Applied Research which sees for the first time in asthma research different centres working together to develop new asthma treatments etc. Until now centres such as Imperial and Kings in London have worked in compition with each other to make developments in Asthma treatment where now they will work alongside each other sharing ideas to the benefits of patients suffering with asthma in the UK.

The three main goals of the centre are to:

-better anticipate and prevent attacks

-improve treatments and management of symptoms

-there will be more support and control for patients.


When first hearing about this centre I assumed it would be a building situated somewhere however it will be a virtual community co-ordinated by Queen Mary’s in London and The University of Edinburgh. It will also incorporated other research centres, applied researchers, healthcare professionals and people with asthma. This will transform the way asthma research is conducted and implemented. 

I hope this will bring about changes and more people will benefit and Asthma will be taken seriously not just the blue inhaler disease which the majority of the population seem to think it is.

I hope one day there will be a cure found for asthma. Much like anyone does with a chronic disease. I like other who have asthma, cystic fibrosis or other respiratory disorders are all hoping for a cure to be found and be free from disease, medications, hospitals and appointments. 

Fingers crossed that one day a cure will be found x

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