World Asthma Day

6th May 2014

What a day. Not only was it my step dads 60th birthday but it was also World Asthma Day and the release of a report into the number of asthma deaths in the UK.The conclusion was horrific. Far too many people are dying from asthma needlessly. 

The 6th May did not turn out the way I thought it would. The 5th didn’t either and I guess that where it all began. Another blog post will follow about the Birthday party etc. This will focus on Asthma and World Asthma Day and how I was involved in it.

I hadn’t actually planned to actively do anything. I would mark the occasion and as always I have my Asthma UK pin badge in my golf cap. After lunch I got a phone call from Asthma UK Scotland asking me if I would be willing to be interviewed for The Herald about Asthma etc which would be published in the paper on WAD. I was on my way out to play golf with my step brother and step dad. So a few phone calls later and now having arrived at the golf club I agreed to be interviewed. Small hitch- they wanted a photograph. The photographer thought he could pitch up on the course but as the course was not my home course I was nervous so he called the Pro and all was fine. On the third hole the photographer arrived and started snapping away while I was playing golf and some of me posing. It was all a bit surreal being on the course with someone just taking photos of me. Anyway my family were very excited. I then did the interview after golf and I thought that was that. Needless to say first thing in the morning I was up and buying the Newspaper!!


WAD didn’t go nearly as I planned either. I thought that was me done and dusted and wouldn’t be doing anymore but at 0830 my mobile rang. BBC Radio Scotland on the phone wanting to interview me live for WAD. so I did it and was on the radio. I was so unprepared and felt I stumbled a bit ut answered the questions honestly and the best I could. After this I thought that was me defiantly done.

The afternoon I was back at the golf course for my Step Dads birthday golf outing. Getting changed in the changing room my phone rings again. AUK Scotland on the phone asking if I was able to be interviewed by STV News for the tonights news!!! Sadly I hd to turn this down. I wanted to play golf. However the way I played golf I should have turned golf down and done the interview am sure I would have done much better. 

I felt so privileged and honoured to be asked to do all these things to raise awareness about Asthma. It is a horrible disease. I hate having it but I have it and can’t do anything about it. I hope I did the charity proud and they have got the increased recognition about how serious asthma is and more donations are made etc to fund vital research into Asthma due to the rising number of deaths caused by Asthma.




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