Respiratory Nurse Specialists

Today I saw the respiratory nurses in clinic. I have not been to their clinic before but have seen them on the ward when I have been admitted. The clinic started off badly before anyone did anything really. I had the sats probe put on and saw my heart rate is still through the roof. I had the usual lung function and once again it was down from before. My fev is so much better than my fev1. I guess thats asthma!!!

The reap nurse was good in a way. It was much easier to talk to her than my consultant. We are going to be reducing my prednisilone down by 1mg a month!!! Some changes to my inhaler as well to try and see if it helps with my restless legs and cramps. Also to help with golf I am to use my nebuliser before I play a round and see if that can help a bit.

She was very understanding. I have to see them every month. I hope i can get things better and back under control. Just to have some normality in my life again!

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