Things are looking up

Asthma wise things are still awful for me and I am struggling but have a lot of positive things happening just now which is making the fighting on feel worth it. There are days I just feel like giving up but so glad I have not.

The first thing is I am back playing golf. Ok I have played one round but the round I played was awesome except hitting my ball out of bounds off the first in front of the clubhouse- a little embarrassing but after that the round was great. I played to just under my handicap and got cut by 0.2 but also won the Silver Handicap prize for the Midlothian County Ladies Golf Association Spring Meeting which is a great boost to my golf confidence and overall mood. I just wanted to play and enjoy the day and to cmd out with good results is a massive bonus. I could defiantly tell I played a round of golf after that.

The other night I also tried something new. I tried softball which was a really weird experience. So I thought I would struggle physically with the running side of stuff and had a few negs beforehand just to prepare myself…little did I know that it would not be the running I would have the difficulty with but actually just hitting the ball proved rather difficult. This may sound really arrogant and big headed but this is the first sport I have actually tried and not been able to do first off and I can tell you I don’t like it. I am not good at doing sports I can’t do and am virtually inept at. It is also difficult because there is no practice nets etc for softball in Edinburgh so its not like you can go work on hitting the ball. I shall just have to make adjustments and be happy with not being good at a sport!!!!

Work is going well. It is so much less of a struggle and I feel much better for it. Although I am still a long way off feeling good being able to come home and not crawl into bed after work is so nice. I can enjoy my evenings and my days off now. I am finding I am planning things for my days off and not having to question if I will be able to do something.

As this blog is about my asthma a wee bit about my plans with it. I am looking for a second opinion or just a second set of eyes. My consultant is fabulous but I feel all I am doing just now is taking steroids and not getting anywhere. For someone being on steroids so long I would expect to be feeling much better but I am not really and would like to look at different treatments. Even if they don’t work I would just like to try something. Although I am doing a lot more, to enable me to do them I am using a lot of medication to be able to do it and I am not wanting to do this long term as I can’t imagine it is good for my body at all.

Easter is just around the corner and I have lots of plans. My new job means I am off for Good Friday and Easter Monday so I am going over to Crail in Fife to see my Dad and then on to Fearnan by Loch Tay to see my mum. Both of which will be very nice a relaxing!!

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