More pred and no golf :(

To sum up this weekend I would have to say crap crap crap!!! No other word to describe it. A number of different things happened which just added to make it all rubbish. I must admit that had I not been an emotional wreck due to lack of sleep and high dose prednisilone I might not have had a total meltdown but a las needs must and prednisilone wins every time. I could not afford not to take it just because I don’t want to feel emotionally fragile.

Friday night started off fine but after some trigger or other my breathing through a total hissy fit and once I reached maximum home therapy I called OOH mainly to just get the ok to increased my treatment rather than going to A and E but the Dr decided with my history of going downhill very quickly I have to go and see the medics in the Assessment Unit. I initially said no as I know what happened they see you and think your not that bad so just monitor it and wait till it goes bad rather than treat aggressively first and get you back out the door and to your own bed. I saw a med reg who from the start I didn’t appreciate. He put me on a trolley said I was fine and left me. I had just had three back to back nebs and was using a lot of my inhaler so he refused to give me nebs. Finally after being pestered by the nurses he prescribed a neb and came and saw me. He listened to chest and said I was very wheezy and not moving much air and needed some nebs. He also asked me what my usual treatment plan is as he doesn’t have the experience of asthma which I do. Sporadically over 5 hours I had a few nebs. I eventually got hold of a nurse and asked the plan. The dr decided. I was staying in over night- NO WAY not after my last experience in this hospital. I told him this and all the other reasons why I was not wanting to stay in. In all honesty I was not well enough to go home but equally. I had only got worse since coming into the assessment area there was no way I was staying in. The med reg tried to convince me that he could section me to make me stay and if I went I would end up back in hospital and did I want that. The way I was feeling. I was not the most rational but I told him that this wouldn’t be the last time I was in hospital so I didn’t care. To be fair it won’t be the last time I end up in hospital so it was the truth. The nurse also joined the discussion at this point and told me I would be found dead on the pavement if I left and did I realise how serious asthma was. I was getting so angry and so upset which was also not helping my asthma which was still not good. They finally gave up and I signed the against medical advice form and left. Got home had back to back nebs as I should have had in hospital and was so much better. Saturday I felt pretty rubbish but. I was feeling rubbish at home in my own bed!!

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