Holiday continued

Physically the rest of my holiday has been much easier. Although today I am having an easy afternoon as it was such a lovely day I did a lot of walking and with very little sleep last night I am shattered.

So after Whistler I headed to Vancouver Island to see my cousin, her husband and kids. I had not met her kids before as last time I saw Fi it was about 6 or 7 years ago. It was so nice to see them and play with the kids and just not do much but chill and eat my weight in cinnamon rolls (my new favourite food)!!

On Vancouver Island I also caught up with an old school chum. We were not actually that great friends when we were at school but after Ange came back to the UK 4 years ago we became great friends and I knew when I was out in Canada I had to visit her. It was so good meeting her boyfriend saw his home town and saw Anges parents. We also saw a huge amount of wildlife. Saw rafts of seal ions really close and loads of Bald Eagles too. It was fantastic just catching up chilling out and chatting about old times!! This gave me time to physically get myself back.

On Vancouver Island I also got to see another Aunt as well who I have not seen in ages. This trip has really been a big catch up with people. Tiring at times as so many different people to see. I have enjoyed it all though.

Today is my last full day really. I am back in Vancouver itself and go to stay with my cousin just on the outskirts of Vancouver who will then take me to the airport on Saturday. I have had a wonderful time on holiday but I am looking forward to getting back home. I miss my parents a lot and realise how much I rely on them. Even if they are not there all the time they are at the end of the phone. Although I am as well as I can be I am looking forward to home and being in the security of the NHS and support from my medical team.

Will be back at work on Monday and no doubt I will be wishing I was back on holiday despite just now saying I am looking forward to getting back to Scotland!!

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