Holidays and all that it means

Firstly a lot has been going on health wise recently which I have blogged about but will publish them once I am back from holiday.

So today is Thursday night and I leave to go to Canada at 4am on Saturday morning. At this present time I am wiped out from work and have not packed. I have lifted my drawer of ski stuff out and put it in the middle of the floor and looked my travel bag out. This is the extent of my packing.

I am like a kid at Christmas about this trip however there is a massive part of me that is very apprehensive and almost scared about going. The last time I set out on a trip on my own and ironically it was also to Canada I had the biggest turning point in my life. My lungs were ruined. I was admitted to hospital, I was then flown by air ambulance to a larger hospital 3 hours helicopter ride away to recieve the correct treatment. Since that trip I have never been the same. Since then my lungs have dictated everything I do…from when I sleep to when and what I eat. So understandably going on this trip I have a few fears.

There was a huge amount of preparation to get ready which is why I think I keep putting off packing. I feel I have been planning for ages and can’t quite believe the time has come that I am actually going. I fly to London and then direct from London to Vancouver and the bus up to Whistler to be met by my Aunt and Uncle!! I cannot wait to see them!!

Throughout the two weeks I am away I am staying with different members of my family and an old school friend. It is going to be an epic holiday.

Chest wise to get ready I have premeditated by increasing my prednisilone for the flight to make sure I am as well as I can be on the 10 hour flight. This is the main hurdle for me really- to make sure I don’t catch anything on the plane!! I have enough medication to run an asthma unit in a busy city hospital it feels like. I don’t want to be unprepared and am probably going over the top but better safe than sorry given my previous record of being in Canada!!

I don’t know if there will be internet or not when I am out there so I may blog, I may not. If I don’t you will all have to wait till I come back in the middle of March!!

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