Just now I think I am pretty settled into my new role and got my head round being off the ward and getting more own work etc. I am adapting to how much more of an impact my asthma and health has on my chest.

I have now decided to hang up my lacrosse stick. I am not going to play anymore. I can’t put my body through it anymore and never getting a chance. I am also not going to go to the gym. I will however concentrate on golf this year.

The massive downside I do find though is that I am having to call off on a lot of social events. I get so tired and not able to put my all into them. This weekend for example I have a birthday party for my cousin and had to Lea be early. I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed because I was so tired and washed out. I was white as a sheet and really wheezy so took some extra nebs and took it easy. Today I just went for a walk with a good friend and her dog but then once again had to come back and rest. At least the Winter Olympics are on so it’s easy to sit and watch the TV just now.

Looking back a few years ago, I would be playing golf in the morning a lacrosse match in the afternoon and then out in the evening. Every spare minute would be filled with something or other!! I long for those days again.

I am being super cautious just now so I can be in the best health possible for going to Canada which is only 2 weeks away!!! I am beyond excited but admittedly a little nervous too!!

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