Cure for Asthma?

I recently received a comment on one of my blog posts about a cure for asthma which got me thinking. Is there a cure for asthma that I am missing out on. So i put some feelers out and did a wee bit of looking into the area. Alas there is no cure for asthma which research can back up. I typed into google “cure for asthma” and came across a few things…one a story about a man who was cured from asthma by certain drugs, the butyko method, natural asthma remedies. The list is never ending.

I also emailed a very knowledgeable fellow asthmatic as to his views which were similar to my own opinions about there being a cure for asthma.

My own experience and that of others who I know may have found for a period of time they thought they were cured from asthma in the sense we had the opinion we out grew childhood asthma however this came back to bite us and now for some people their asthma is worse than ever and in actual fact they were just having a good spell and they were asymptomatic from asthma.

My opinion is that you can never be fully free from asthma once you have suffered from at some point. You may go through periods when you dont need medication and dont suffer from any symptoms but it doesnt mean to say you dont have asthma.

I would love for there ot be a cure for asthma however after suffering with asthma for coming up to 23 years now I have little hope. I do hope though that with continued hard work from myself and my asthma consultant I will get back to having just a preventer and a reliever inhaler. It will take time but with the right attitude I am confident it can be done.

But until then I get really bugged by stories about how asthma can be cured. if astham could be cured everyone would be cured from it. There maybe theories flying about and how certain medications can cure asthma but until the research is out there and there is evidence to support that asthma has in actual fact ebing cured then I am sceptical to believe it.

On a side…if asthma could be cured then the army would let you join however if you have ever suffered from any sort of asthma you cannot join the army because of the amount of stress and pressure you are under in the army they cannot risk taking any body with a weakened body.

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