Inspiration and a busy week!!!

As the title says so afr it has beena busy week. Well two days. I started uni yesterday. It was awesome. Although soem fo the stuff seemed a little pointless. The number of times I heard someone tell me how to evacuate the lecture room was unreal. I think by the fifth time I was quite clear!!! I have met a few poeple and done loads of ice breaker things which are all a bit random. I did get a whole load of stuff I ahve to read whihc will keep me busy for the forseeable furture!!!
We did have an amazing talk from a guy called Jamie Andrew. he is a normal guy who had a tragic accident while mountain climbing and lost both his hands and feet to frost bite and had them amputated. The thing that struck me about his talk was that he showed that despite whatever problems you have you can overcome them and despite disability you can stil function and lead a normal life it jsut has to be done in a slightly different way. The main thing I took from the talk was that a huge challenge doesnt hae to be a major challenge. it just has to be broken down into smaller daily challenges that can be achieved with some work rather than a huge mammoth thing that you would never cope with.
I guess it is a different way of looking at life and taking a disabilty into account but not letting it drag you down and still achieving what you want to.
Today we had alot of form filling out and random talks about stuff. I also leaned how to do the interent and stuff all very fun and interesting. We did go for lunch to mcDonalds and my new found friends soon relaised what an idiot I can be when i fell off the kerb and walked into a wall. Just the normal stupid thigns I manage to do.
I have more talks tomorrow and get to do even more fun and exciting stuff before lectures start on the followiong monday.
I havnt been able to play any golf for quite a while recently. Since being in hosptial i ahve had terrible pains in my wrists from my arterials lines and am stilla having to take alot of painkillers for them so I wont be back playing golf till they settle down.
It seems ot be a difficutl time jsut now for many Brittle Asthmatics. Three of my closest brittle friends are all in hospital. i worry about them so much. I am hoping to see them soon. rattkes has had a tough time with manky feet and then chest getting bad and I miss chatting to ehr now I ahve gotton over my phone phobia!!! Also G who has had one hell of a time recently. She is in and out like a yoyo goes up and down and I desperatly want to go and see her again. And KSD too who seems to be having it rough with other health conditons. I pray for them all hoping for a speedy recovery.
WT x

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