Negatives of telephone clinic appointments

I have written before about the positives of having telephone clinic appointments but today I found the real downside.

I was meant to have a clinic appointment last week but this was rearranged due to my consultant being off work. It was rearranged for next Monday so I was shocked when I was called today.

My normal routine for a clinic appointment is spending some time the night before looking at all the data I have on my chest to see how it has been since my previous clinic. I also have all the questions I want to ask written down and also write down any issues that I may be having.

To receive a call out the blue for clinic today was a shock and I was so unprepared. Im now sitting writing this blog post a few hours after that clinic phone call and I have no clue what was actually said and what I am to be doing. I never get sent a clinic letter so who knows what I am meant to be doing. I am also now remembering all the things I wanted to ask him that I did not have time to ask as it felt very rushed.

I think what I need to do now is sit down and write to him as I will not be speaking to him for another few months and there are some issues which I need to try and resolve and also need a bit of a plan and what he thinks I should be doing over the winter period especially given the new rise in coronavirus cases.

One thing that I will do going forward to to have a note on my phone about the different things I might want to speak to him about and have it done from the week before my appointment is due to prevent any wasted appointments again.

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