Too many ideas….dont know where too start

Right now I have so many blog ideas but I have no idea which one to start with and how to get them all done.

I sit down to write one and I get an idea for another or a note I need to write down for another blog I have started and want to add a certain point. But how can you not be inspired to write when you look out your window and this is the sunset.


Right now I feel I have a real role as an asthma advocate. There is so much confusion with coronavirus and people in the chronic illness community are all being told different things.

The biggest issue is the shielding community or as those in England seem to be #ForgottenSheilding whereas in Scotland we have a clear plan. My political views here are set aside so I am not being biased towards the Scottish Government I am only stating facts.

As an asthma advocate I need to stand up, shout and post where ever I can about the differences that the shielding group are experiencing. Yes different governments are guiding us through this coronavirus crisis however there should not be the massive differences in the advice being given.

So my blog post list that I have currently is:

  • Shielding information and the treatment of the shielding community
  • Masks and being a severe asthmatic
  • My next asthma webchat
  • Having a wobble mentally at the thought of coming out of shielding
  • My PIP Interview and how it went
  • The health benefits I have experienced since giving up work
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Social media: it can be detrimental to the public perception of our community

There is also a huge number of other ideas I have too. If anyone has any blogs they would really like to see me write first please let me know.

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