Shielding- our path out of lockdown.

A text saying Nicola Sturgeon is making an announcement regarding shielding at 12:30pm today 8th June filled me with excitement but also dread.


As a Scot I have watched those living in England go on a huge rollercoaster and then be put in a blender. I don’t think anyone in the shielding category in England actually know what they are meant to be doing. I have seen press releases going from:

  • You are considered high risk of critical complications from COVID-19 and therefore have too shield for at least 12 weeks. This means not leaving your house and not seeing anyone out with your own household.
  • Some people have been removed from the shielding category and are no longer considered high risk of critical complications of COVID-19
  • All people in the shielding category can now go out but ti take relevant precautions.

Whereas in Scotland we received our letter advising that we shield for 12 weeks which would bring us to roughly the 15th June. Nicola Sturgeon did very well and made sure we as a group would be addressed and not be forgotten. It was so reassuring that when outlining the road map out of lock down she deliberately told the shielding group that she didnt have information there and then but she would update us on the 18th June. So today to get a text was great news as it has been a whole 10 days earlier than expected.

So all being well as of the 18th June in Scotland those in the shielding category will be able to go outside and exercise as much as they want/ feel safe but not meet up with others yet but shielding remains in place until the end of July.

I was so shocked to see so many people being really negative about the prospect of having to shield longer. I mean I would love to hear the news that we don’t need to shield but I think even if she said that I would still be very cautious because I am aware of the risks that COVID-19 has to me so I want to protect myself because being able to live my life for a long time is way more important than an extra month shielding.

I cant pretend that shielding has not been tough and I know I have been so fortunate to move to the country and get away from the high risk city. Mentally the last few months have been tough. As someone with chronic illness I have been fighting for years to keep my independence and feel each year I am losing that little bit more of it. So when shielding came into place my independence was basically taken away. Since March I have not been able to rely on myself for anything. I have had to rely on other people to allow me to survive. I cant go into a shop to buy my shopping, or just pop to the corner shop because I have forgotten milk, I cant go and get my drugs which means any mistakes result in days delay because it takes so long to get things from one place to another.

I have found somethings that have helped make life a bit easier while shielding in lockdown.

  • Having a routine to my days
  • Trying to give each day a purpose or goal something like weeding in the garden, or hitting a step goal
  • Meal prep and eating healthy fresh meals where possible
  • Make the most of opportunities to speak to friends. I have taken for granted the ability to see friends so now it is even more important when you have to meet virtually
  • Work on things for my blog and set date goals so they get done.
  • When I go to bed I also like to reflect on a positive from the day and a negative focusing on how I can change it so I don’t have that negative point again.

By having small targets and routines I have been able to make each day pass during lockdown that bit quicker than I did before.

I am also hoping to do my asthma web chat again soon as I think this was a real positive for not only myself but for others too. Keep looking out and I will post the date and time soon!!!

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