The Implications of Brexit on medication supplies

I think so far I have managed not to mention the B word on my blog. I am not one that is in to politics and after this fiasco I am completely and utterly fed up with it.

One thing over the last few weeks I have noticed there has been more concern over medication availability post Brexit. In the back of my mind I think i had thought we would be ok. I think because our previous prime minister Teresa May lived everyday with a chronic health condition requiring medication multiple times a day, I had assumed that we would be ok because she would surely not screw herself over and leave herself high and dry with no medication. Of course she has Type 1 diabetes which she manages fantastically (or so it appears to the public eye). Whilst she was prime minister there was concerns for our health service and for some drugs that were required but it did not have everyone running around flapping wondering wether or not to stock pile prescriptions.

However now with the current prime minister who appears to have a disregard for everyone in the UK, particualry those who wish to challenge him. However since he has decided to prorogue parliament I have noticed there has been a lot more worry about healthcare- even if he plans to announce new local policy for healthcare when parliament reconvenes after the Queen’s speech.

Only today did I think I was reading the US news

Small side step- Since I went out to Dallas and made so many good friends with people living with all sorts of conditions all across the states I have been made aware of just how awful their health system is. Many don’t have enough money to buy their insulin if they are diabetic, others are collecting medications to send out to those who can’t afford it. This is a side to america I have not been exposed to. I know the insurance system means it is a lottery of what medication they will or will not approve but never did I think there was stock piling and people sending medications to each other just to get by and stay alive.

Back to the UK. The news today had stories about getting your flu injection now before Brexit, also about stock piling your medication particularly if they are medications produced abroad in European countries. It got me thinking about my medications and where they are produced.

I think a lot of it is scare mongering if I am honest. There may be issues in sourcing certain brands of drug but if you are to read the pharma news there is a new drug almost each week which is in short supply due to manufacturing issues.

I live in hope that what I am reading will be fake news and it will never come to this. I have never voiced my political views on here and I am not about to start but for those with chronic health conditions I think Teresa May was the better option.

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