PEARLS Ambassador

While at #HealtheVoices19 Rick Guidotti gave the key note speech. I had never heard of him or the work he was doing but as soon as he started to speak I was in awe. He spoke with such passion and exuded positivity. It is no surprise that he is the man behind Positive Exposure a movement which celebrates the beauty of human diversity. Just because you may look different, or sound different you can still be celebrated for being you. Positive Exposure embraces everyone.


Being able to speak with Rick and then have my photo taken with him was amazing and then being able to continue the conversation over email once I was back home has just emphasised to me the passion Rick has for the work he does.

One of the Projects he has within Positive Exposure is the PEARLS Project and I am delighted to be a PEARLS ambassador and part of a platform made up of other like minded people who are empowered to be advocates and use their voice to make a change. The other advantage with the PEARLS Platform is that it is a safe online blogging platform where all ambassadors can see what each other post and feel safe doing so.


I am really proud to be part of such an amazing network and can’t wait to see what happens going forward.


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