For so long I have been battling my asthma and health. I have managed it mainly with what I would call traditional western medicine and have never explored the idea of alternative medicine mainly because my Drs or nurses have never suggested it and the one time that I did suggest trying something it was shot down and told not to waste my money.

However I now feel that I really have nothing to lose. I am on so much medication now that I am not sure that there is much more I can try or that my Dr is willing to give a go (I want to try terbutaline again but my Dr is set against it) so I feel that it has been left to me if I want a change as nothing is changing otherwise. A friend of mine who is also an asthma nurse specialist suggested trying Reiki. I have never even thought about trying it or even how it could possibly help but I have the thinking that it won’t do me any harm so why not try it. I eventually made the appointment and went for my first reiki session.

I had no idea what to expect from my session. I did a little reading about it but wasn’t sure how it would work, how I would feel and what it would do to me. The session was a bizarre experience but bizarre in a good way. The lady doing the reiki explained to me about what would happen, what she would do things I might feel, how long it would last etc. I was a little apprehensive as I needed to lie down but was propped up with pillows. Im not the best at lying down and I find it hard to relax sometimes but for some reason I felt ok and didn’t mind lying down as I was cocooned in blankets and felt very comfortable. At first I sort of wondered what was happening but there was a calm about the room and I didnt need to think or worry or anything really.

During the session there were some times when it felt very strange. Part of me felt freezing cold for a short time during it and equally my knees down to ankles felt like they were on fire for a bit. I hadn’t told the lady much. She knew about my chest but that was it. After the session which was about 45 minutes we had a chat about what she felt and what I felt. One comment she made was that she felt a lot around my knees and lower legs and could have been at them for a long time. Now bearing in mind I had not said anything about my legs, I don’t have a limp or anything to give away that I might have a problem so when she made that comment I was taken a back as one of the main things I thought the reiki might help with is my restless legs as it drives me bonkers. I will get up in the middle of the night and go for a drive because they get so bad. I have also had my knee operated on and have problems with the other one too so when she picked up on my legs I was shocked. I wasn’t sure why I was shocked. I think it was a mix of not knowing how much reiki would do and maybe underestimating what can be done.

After the session I felt so relaxed. I am not sure why but I did and was able to enjoy the rest of the day relaxing and properly relax. I am going to go back for another session and I hope a few more as I cant see or feel any negative effects from it.

I will see how it goes. Even if it doesn’t make my asthma better it is at least helping me relax. I might look at other things to try as there is no harm in trying.

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