World Asthma Day and #MyAsthmaStory

Tomorrow is World Asthma Day, a day to recognise asthma, not only those who have asthma but all those who look after those with asthma- parents, friends, medical staff and also especially all those who dedicate their careers to bettering the lives of people with asthma by undertaking research to develop new medications, better ways of management and potentially a cure.

I am very fortunate to be involved in the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research and get to help those who want to make our lives better. One such project I am closely involved in is #MyAsthmaStory.

The study aims to find out different ways that people with asthma manage their symptoms such as taking their inhaler before they exercise or other simpler things such as walking a different way to avoid smoke. To try and attract as many people to the study the researchers are using a mixture of social media such as Facebook and Twitter or making a flipagram or a video to share their #MyAsthmaStory. Using the hashtag #MyAsthmaStory all ideas can be captured. Stories can also be emailed in via the AUKCAR #MyAsthmaStory website.

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