Dealing with side effects

Living with pretty unstable asthma side effects seem to be something I contend with a lot of the time. I sometimes feel I take more medication for side effects of stuff than I do for my actual asthma. Prednisilone gives me the most side effects but I have been relatively lucky that it has not made my weight balloon- I get a bit of a moon face from time to time but my heart is always racing so I reckon I burn off the extra I eat from the munchies. Other than a slightly high blood sugar and the beginnings of osteoporosis and adrenal insufficiency I have got off lightly as they can read a lot more havoc.

For me just now at 0330 in the morning it is restless legs that are driving me mental. I am sitting on my kitchen floor as I type because it is nice and cool which is the only thing that seems to relieve them a bit. It gets to the stage where I just want to give up trying to sleep and will try settle on the coach but even then my legs are jumpy and it effects my arms as well. My theophylline is the culprit for this and I would really consider not taking the theophylline but it works well when my level is therapeutic so I don’t want to stop taking it. Having said that I wish I could just stop it as I want to amputate my legs and arms just now they are driving me insane.

I still have not fully recovered from my admission at New Year and find I am so lethargic and get breathless so easily. I normally just bounce back but not this time. It has been a long drawn out process. I desperately just want to feel well again and go back to work. It gets so lonely day in day out at home. Trying to keep my day filled with a target for each day so hopefully I won’t go stir crazy!

If anyone reading this has any suggestions for restless legs I am all ears because right now I give anything for it too go away. It would be great is there was a magic drug that was as short and quick acting as a reliever inhaler for restless legs. Must try and get some sleep.

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