Amazing how stress can physically effect you so much.

This past week has been very stressful and its not only one thing thats bothering me but two. I have had an issue with a work colleague and really feel that they are a bully. Thankfully they are leaving otherwise I would have been handing in my notice. As much as I love my job I love my health and happiness more. This person makes my life as difficult as possible and offers absolutely no support and will go out there way to make life difficult. This last week has been particularly hard and I was glad when Friday came. I thought I had got away with out the stress bothering me too much but last night I was awake with a really productive cough and today I have felt so short of puff. I have FeNo tomorrow so will be interested to see what that says.

I have also been getting a lot of hassle from someone who I used to talk to a bit but they are a little bit odd and I have severed all contact with them. This has not gone down well but I need to think about me for once in my life and what is right for me. I have been so grateful for the support of my friends who have all rallied round.

I didnt want to say anything before but I was really pleased with my asthma control and how I was doing. My asthma has not been brilliant but I have been a lot more stable. I never seem to be happy with how I am but I just want to be able to stay well and be stable but not be on too much medication. Just now I am stable but not doing as much and taking more medication. It would be nice to just not have to think all the time and take health into account.

These next 2 weeks can not pass soon enough and then I am sure a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders!

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