Not always perfect.

In my last post I wrote about learning to be kind to yourself and achieving a balance between drive and recovery. Im not sure what I was expecting with this. This morning I felt like I had failed after only a week. I crammed so much into a few days that I have exhausted myself, feel in pain all over and just generally pretty rubbish.

I was really annoyed at myself this morning. I had just spent time last week planning my time to make sure I got a good balance but didnt stick to it and did my usual and went full steam ahead careering around fitting as much in as possible before i crashed.

Sitting down to reflect on it now I am looking at it very differently. I will not be able to change the behaviour of a lifetime overnight. I took first steps in attempting to plan my time something I never really do so there is a start. I shouldn’t get down heartened if I didnt manage to stick to it all. With practice I will be able to get the balance right and it won’t change overnight especially when it is something that is instinctive.

Rather than planning a whole week I think for now I am going to do a few days at a time. Therefore I can focus on making sure there is something in each day rather than everything in one day.

It is really difficult to change a way of life. I know I can do it and I must concentrate on not getting down when I mess up a little bit

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