People just don’t get it

I find it amazing that after 10 years plus of living like this people around me still don’t get how fragile my chest is and something that is very easy for someone to do can cause 2 or 3 days recuperation for me.

I had this last night. I just need to get this off my chest more than anything as it is bugging me. But because I can no longer play lacrosse I help out at my club and with my clubs After School Club. Last night no one turned up to take the session so I stood up and just got on with it. Anyway an hour spent trying to run around with 20 kids in the poring rain for little and no thanks has really got to me. I didnt want to let the kids down and not give them a session as they look forward to it but it would be nice to receive thanks for it. Especially as I have been laid up now. I spent all of last night needing my nebuliser and today all my plans are out the window as getting from bed to the sofa has been huge effort.

I don’t want special treatment but some acknowledgement would be nice to know that what was done would be appreciated. It has cost me a a lot.

This is the frustrating thing about being ill. Doing the little things than no one looks twice at can be a huge deal and take a huge amount out of me.

For the time being it is rest and watching rubbish on TV trying to make myself feel better!!!

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