Tee-total ish

Over the years I have never been a particularly big drinker or consumer of alcohol however since my asthma has started getting worse I experienced a few bad situations which now has led me to make the decision to really not drink alcohol at all. I do have the odd glass or wine or two but otherwise don’t drink anything at all. I have to say i don’t even miss it. I don’t miss the hangovers, the weird stuff that you would do which you would think are funny at the time but really not funny looking back on it. I save more money by not wasting it on nights I remember very little about!!!

I had a few situations where I drank too much. I was too drunk to be able to control a relatively mild asthma attack which escalated into quite a bad asthma attack and then needed to be taken to hospital. the hospital then had to deal with not only someone having an asthma attack but also a drunk which is just a waste of the NHS money!!!

Seeing how much stress the NHS is under with people turning up to A and E for stupid things and also the number of drunks who end up in A and E, I decided I did not want to be part of those statistics. I spend enough time in hospital as a result of my asthma and attacks which I can’t control despite being sober that I do not need to create reasons to potentially end in A and E for something I could have controlled.

I think this is a step I have taken to take more responsibility for my condition by limiting the number of outside factors which could cause an asthma attack and cause a reason for going to hospital. As there are enough factors which I can’t control.

Tomorrow i have my appointment with a new consultant for a second opinion and some new eyes just to see if they have any ideas on different treatment for my asthma as feel I am going round and round in circles just now!!

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