Edinburgh Half Marathon 2012

Edinburgh Half Marathon 2012

This is an emotional weekend for me, which may sound strange. But 2 years ago this weekend I ran the half marathon in a time of 2hrs. This was an incredible achievement. One I had hoped to repeat last year and this year. Its not too be unfortunately. Once again my asthma is too unstable to allow me to do really any physical activity other than golf. I had to hand over my running number to a friend of mine who is going to run instead of me. I m totally gutted as it is another reminder of just how much my asthma is controlling my life.

I still aim as I do every year to run the half marathon again. I will re-enter for next year but I have decided that this is the last year. If I cannot run it next year I will give up and not push self. The disappointment is just too much. I feel like I am failing and I hate this feeling. What I am hoping for is to raise enough support and run with a group of friends maybe next year or if unable to run will walk and complete the 13 mile course that way. So if anyone reading this feels inclined for a challenge next year let me know I would really appreciate the support. As always I will be running for Asthma UK.

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