This is kinda new

at least for a while!

I have had to take the day off uni and stay in bed. Now i never miss uni mainly because I am a bit of a geek and dont like missing stuff. even when my asthma was at its worse I never missed lectures. I only missed them if I was in hospital. I have been sent home from lectures and sent to hospital from lectures but never do I miss them. But last night I really didnt feel right and it took me ages to settle down and sleep. It was really broken and for the first time in a long while I was needing alot of ventolin. At night I hate using my neb so tried to pass it off with my inhaler but I really needed a neb.

I woke this morning from a dose and really felt like I had been through the mill last night and decided not to go to uni. I made it to the bathroom but was puffing and panting. My bathroom is about 6 paces from my bed and I felt awful walking that far. With this i decided I should not go to uni and stay in bed for a bit and prop myself up well in bed and see how I feel.

I think had i not had an exam tomorrow I would have pushed myself to go to lectures but as i sat my exams last year in hospital I was not wanting to do the same thing again. So today will be a very quiet day doing some revision and just seeing how it all goes. I think I will try and get up about lunch time and if things are still a bit dicey with walking i will call my con because I cannot miss my exam. In my practices I have got 18/20 twice and 19/20 once so I have worked so hard I am not missing this as I really want full marks.

I just hope it settles and things will be ok for tomorrow. also I get bored staying in bed. I am not someone who likes to lie in. So i guess that is why I am blogging just now. Despite feeling ill I need to do something.

3 thoughts on “This is kinda new”

  1. Take care, rest up and be good for yourself. Good luck for tomorrow! Exam-wise and lung-wise that is…
    Let us know how it goes.


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